The DUI laws in the state of Alabama stipulate that any driver who has been convicted of driving under the influence with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.15% must have an ignition interlock device installed in all of his or her vehicles, either owned or registered in that driver’s name.

An arrest in the state of Alabama for driving under the influence can cause a driver to have his or her license suspended in two different ways. Because the suspensions are separate from one another, the convicted driver will have to deal with both suspensions independently of one another. One of the suspensions is administrative and the other is judicial.

Administrative Suspension: If you refuse or fail a breathalyzer test, your license will be immediately taken away, and in its place you will receive a 15-day driving permit. While you have this permit, you can attempt to get a hearing with the courts in order to challenge the DUI charges. If you’re unsuccessful in challenging the drunk driving charges, or if you fail to respond to the charges, then your license will be suspended for 90 days.

Judicial Suspension: Your license can also be suspended as part of a court judgment. This will happen if you are convicted of driving under the influence at trial, or if you enter into a plea agreement with the prosecutor.

Offense Jail Time Fines Suspension Length
1st 1 year maximum $600 – $2,100 90 days
2nd 5 days to 1 year $1,100 – $5,100 1 year
3rd 60 days to 1 year $2,100 – $10,100 3 years
4th 366 days to 10 years $4,100 – $10,100 5 years


Other notes about Alabama DUI laws:

  • Depending upon the nature of the offense, you might be required to attend a program about substance abuse and drunk driving.
  • Repeat offenders can be subjected to having their vehicle seized and impounded by the state.