In the state of Arizona, certain individuals who have had their licenses revoked or suspended for drunk driving or other traffic offenses related to alcohol may qualify for a restricted license. With this license, those individuals would be allowed to operate their motor vehicle provided that it’s been equipped with an ignition interlock device.

A license suspension in the state of Arizona can come in two ways, one administrative and the other judicial.

Administrative: If you fail a breathalyzer test or refuse to take on the scene of your arrest, your license will be suspended. However, you are given a 15-day period in which you are allowed to drive in order to conduct your affairs. During this period, you can elect to challenge the suspension. If your challenge is unsuccessful, or you elect not to challenge it, then your license will be suspended for 90 days following the 15-day grace period.

Judicial: Your license can also be suspended as part of a court judgment.

Offense Jail Time Fines Suspension Length
1st 10 days or less $1,600 maximum 90 days
2nd 90 days or less $3,000 maximum 1 year
3rd 4 months to 2 years $150,000 maximum 3 years


In the case of an especially egregious DUI arrest, where an individuals BAC is higher than .15, that individual’s license is revoked rather than suspended. After the revocation period, the individual can apply for a new license, but that individual will be required to install an ignition interlock device and keep it active for 1 to 2 years.