In the state of Georgia, there are two ways in which your license can be suspended following a DUI. One is administrative and the other is judicial.

Administrative: In Georgia, if you fail a breathalyzer test or refuse to take one on the scene, your license will be immediately confiscated by the arresting officer. The officer will then provide you with a temporary 10-day license. You can use this license to attend to all affairs necessary to challenge your suspension. If you fail to challenge the suspension, or your challenge is unsuccessful, your license will be automatically suspended for a period of one year. However, after 30 days, you can apply for a temporary restricted license, which will require you to have an ignition interlock system installed in your automobile.

Judicial: You license can also be suspended for a DUI in Georgia as the result of a criminal trial or a plea agreement that is reached with the prosecutor. This suspension will also accompany additional penalties, such as jail time, community service and fines. In addition to this, the court may also order that you undergo treatment for alcohol abuse and / or install an ignition interlock device in your automobile.

You will need to deal with both of these suspension methods separately, and even if you are not convicted of the DUI in court, your license may still be suspended administratively.

Offense Fine Jail Time Suspension Period
1st $300 – $1000 1 year or less 1 year or less
2nd $600 – $1,210 3 days to 1 year 18 months
3rd $1000 120 days to 1 year 5 years
4th and more $5210 1 to 5 years 5 years