Your license can be suspended in two different ways in the state of Mississippi for DUI-related offences. One is administrative, and the other is judicial.

Administrative: If you fail a breathalyzer test or refuse to submit to one, your license will be suspended immediately. In its place, you will be given a temporary driving permit that is valid for 10 days. During this 10-day period, you can elect to challenge the suspension of your driver’s license. If you elect not to challenge the suspension, or if the challenge does not succeed, then your license will be suspended for a period of 90 days following the expiration of the temporary permit.

Judicial: The courts in Mississippi may suspend your license as part of sentencing or as part of a plea agreement you make with the prosecutor handling your case.

In the state of Mississippi, an ignition interlock device may be required for certain DUI or OWI related offences. When one is installed in your motor vehicle, you driving privileges can be reinstated. However, you will be required to pay all fees and costs related to the installation of the ignition interlock device, and you will be required to submit to regular monitoring of the device.

Offense Fine Jail Time Suspension Period
1st $1,000 or less 2 days or less 90 days to 1 year
2nd $600 to $1500 5 days to 1 year 2 years or less
3rd $2,000 to $5,000 1 year to 5 years 5 years


In addition to the above, you may be required to seek substance abuse treatment, and multiple offences may result in your vehicle being impounded.