In the state of Washington, your license can be suspended as the result of a DUI offense for anywhere from 90 days to 2 years. The length of the suspension will depend upon the offender’s driving history. This suspension can be challenged for a period of 20 days following the initial arrest. If you are able to successfully overturn the suspension, it is important to note that a suspension could be imposed by a court in sentencing or as the result of a plea agreement.

Also, in the state of Washington, you will be required to install an ignition interlock device in any car that you own or is registered in your name for a period of at least 1 year following a first or second offence. Following a third offence, this period will be for a minimum of 10 years. In addition to the above, the courts may also mandate that the device remained installed for additional time, depending upon the circumstances of your case.

Please note that you will also be required to pay fines, as well as submit to an alcohol and substance abuse treatment program, as the result of a DUI offence.

There are also additional penalties that you will be subject to:

Offence Jail Time Suspension and Interlock Duration*
1st and BAC < .15 1 day 90-day suspension and 1-year interlock
1st and BAC > .15 2 days 1-year suspension and 1-year interlock
2nd and BAC < .15 30 days 2-year suspension and 1-year interlock (60 days of home monitoring)
2nd and BAC > .15 45 days 900-day suspension and 1 year interlock (90 days home monitoring)
3rd and BAC < .15 90 days 3-year suspension and 1-year interlock (120 days home monitoring and 5 years of probation)
3rd and BAC > .15 120 days 4-year suspension and 1-year interlock (150 days home monitoring and 5 years of probation)

*Note that these durations are contingent upon having no failed tests over a period of 4 months.