Helpful DUI Prevention Tips

Everyone knows drinking and driving is never a good idea, but that isn’t always enough to keep people from doing it. Whether you’ve run into problems in the past or would simply like to avoid these kinds of issues, it’s a good idea to take a moment and review these helpful tips for preventing DUIs. Aside from keeping you out of court and saving you money, they may help keep you alive as well as innocent people.

Always Use a Designated Driver

Designated drivers are a great way to keep yourself from behind the wheel when you’ve been drinking. You can have as much to drink as you like without having to worry you’ll end up in trouble or hurting someone.

Just be sure you pick a reliable person. If you know someone else has a hard time being the sober driver, don’t expect them to all of a sudden pull a 180 just because you’ve asked.

Only select those you know will be up to the task. Then, be sure you compensate them later. Whether it means repaying the favor or buying them dinner, a little gratitude goes a long way.

Use Public Transportation

If you don’t have a designated driver in your life, you’re not out of luck. Depending on where you live, public transportation can provide you with a means of getting home that won’t put anyone’s life at risk.

Urban environments will usually have both cabs and buses to choose from. Uber is now a major player in this industry too. Before you go out, program some numbers for cabs into your phone and keep a list of bus availability times too.

Find Somewhere to Stay

Not all cities have public transportation though, especially if you’re not in a big city. This doesn’t mean you’re without hope though. Just find somewhere near where you’ll be drinking that you can sleep. If nothing else, book a cheap hotel or motel room. There, you can sleep it off and then take to the road in the morning when you’re good and sober.

Stop Early

One habit that gets a lot of people in trouble is drinking too recently before getting behind the wheel. The practice of “last call” for example, gives people all of 10 minutes or so to finish their drink and then leave the bar.

If you have the willpower, just stop drinking early enough that your body can digest the alcohol and leave you with a clear enough head for driving safely. This doesn’t mean you can get completely intoxicated so long as you have an hour to sober up. Instead, you’ll want to avoid total intoxication altogether and then still give yourself a few hours to drink non-alcohol beverages and have some food before driving.

Buy an Interlock Device

Finally, if all else fails, you’ll never get far without an interlock device installed in your vehicle. Simply put, these devices will not allow your car to start unless you can provide them with a breath of acceptable BAC. With one of these systems in your vehicle, you can rest assured you won’t be driving after a night of too many drinks.

You should never risk getting behind the wheel when you’re drunk, but that’s often easier said than done. Fortunately, the above tips will help keep you out of trouble while still having fun.