How Do I Get My Device Serviced and Removed?

If you have recently decided to have an interlock device installed in your vehicle or a court has ordered you to do so, it should go without saying that you will have some pretty big changes to deal with in your life. One of these is the fact that you’ll need to get your machine regular serviced. This is to ensure that it is working properly and that you are following the guidelines the court handed down. Otherwise, if you are voluntarily using one, it will just be for the former. For these reasons—and to someday get it removed—you will need to find a mechanic in your area that works with these devices.

Finding a Local Mechanic

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a mechanic who can service your device and eventually remove it. Interlock devices are becoming more and more popular, both with courts and people who want to use them for personal reasons. As a result, more and more mechanics are needed to accommodate this demand.

Just do a web search of mechanics in your area who provide this service. Even better, go to your state government’s or the district court’s website and look for a list of certified mechanics who are approved to handle this installation.

For those who are legally required to have an interlock device in their car, this step is actually essential. You can’t just pick any mechanic and you definitely can’t handle installation on your own. If you used a lawyer for your case, they should be able to help you find an installer as well.

Moving to a New State

The laws in every state are different, but if you’re moving to another state, you will more than likely have to keep your interlock device installed. You will also need to find a mechanic who can service your machine. Be sure you confirm they are able to work with the exact make and model you chose.

Selling Your Car

Sometimes, people need their interlock device removed simply because they’re selling their car. In that case, you’ll need a mechanic to remove it and the ID associated with it from your vehicle. To legally do this (for those under a court order), the mechanic will have to fill out a corresponding form that attests they are removing it prematurely, but will be installing it on your new vehicle.

Getting Your Device Removed

When it comes time to have your interlock device removed, you will need a court order that says you have met the requirements for getting rid of it. A lot of times, you can just call your local DMV, to have them confirm the same. Otherwise, no mechanic can legally help you. Obviously, if you try removing the device on your own, all kinds of problems could arise, so it’s not worth even attempting.

As long as you find a certified mechanic, having your device serviced and later removed should be a non-issue. Just be sure you make this a priority if you have been ordered to install the device or you will really need to hustle to find one before your deadline runs out.