Would I Want to Voluntarily Install an Interlock for the Family Vehicle?

Ignition interlock devices are the best way to keep someone who has had too much to drink from taking the wheel. This is why every state has laws that mandate them for certain people convicted of driving drunk. However, many people choose to voluntarily install them as well, without any kind of court order.

To Keep Yourself from Making a Mistake

It’s easy to tell yourself you’d never drink and drive, but that’s what most people thought before they ended up in a bad situation. Sometimes one drink turns into one too many. Happy hours can be tough to leave. Sporting events can make you forget about good judgment. Often, home just doesn’t seem that far away

If you’re worried you may make a bad decision when alcohol weakens your judgment, having an interlock device installed means you always have a solid backup plan.

Keep in mind, too, that while the legal limit in every state is 0.08, studies have shown you become impaired at 0.05.

Don’t think it’s all about making the right decision when you’ve been drinking either. You might think you know when you’ve had enough, but alcohol actually handicaps your ability to do so. It can be impossible to make the right decision if alcohol is getting in the way.

Keep Your Teenager Safe

Any parent is right to be worried when their child first gets a license. It’s a lot of responsibility for a young person and the consequences of making a mistake can be more than most want to think about.

Another big concern is underage drinking. Overall, teenagers tend to drink more in a single session, despite their lower tolerances and also don’t have the same driving experience as the rest of us. This makes for one bad combination when a teenager tries taking the wheel after drinking. Obviously, interlock systems won’t allow this.

Installing one of these systems is also a great way to make sure other teenagers don’t pressure your son or daughter into drinking. If they know an interlock system is waiting in your child’s car, their friends will understand no amount of pressure is going to change that.

A Recovery Aid

Just because you didn’t get in trouble with the law doesn’t mean you may not have a problem with drinking. Countless Americans do. Having that interlock device in your car can be one more resource on your road to recovery. Not only is it a reminder to be vigilant against temptation, it provides an extra level of support by ensuring you can’t have a drink and try to go about your day like nothing happened.    

Sometimes the recovery aid isn’t for you. If you have a loved one who has struggled with alcohol dependency, this can be a smart way of helping them stay clean.

With an ignition interlock device installed in a vehicle, everyone sharing the road with that car is safer. While this has made it a popular method for keeping convicted drunk drivers from future violations, it has also proved useful to numerous families who use them for the above purposes.