What Information Is Sent to the State Authorities?

If you’ve been ordered by a judge to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, you probably have a number of questions regarding this machine. As you have most likely been told, these devices will take your BAC (blood alcohol content) before you are able to start your car and occasionally while you’re driving it and shut the engine off or keep it from starting so that you don’t take the wheel intoxicated. You may still be wondering, though, about what information will get sent in to the state authorities.

Your BAC

The main thing these devices are trying to do is register your BAC. This is how they know whether or not it’s safe for you to be behind the wheel of a vehicle. However, these devices don’t just track your BAC, they will also report it to the authorities.

This happens both when you’re trying to start your car and when it’s already been started, which means you’re driving it (these are called rolling tests).

Obviously, your BAC will also be reported to the authorities whenever you try to start your vehicle, no matter what it comes in at. For the most part, trying to start the vehicle while intoxicated won’t hurt your record or get you into any more trouble. If, however, you get caught with a high BAC during a rolling test, this information will be reported and absolutely land you in hot water. Your vehicle’s lights will start flashing and your horn will go off until you take the test and the car will shut down as soon as a bad result is registered.

The Time of Your Tests

Other information that will get logged depends on the state you live in and the reporting authority that’s being used. For example, the time of your BAC tests will most likely be logged and that data reported.

Most devices will also report what time the sample was requested. This will happen regardless of whether or not you took it. Like we mentioned before, though, you shouldn’t expect to get into any trouble for not taking a test, even if one was requested, so long as the vehicle wasn’t being used.


No matter what device you go with, the state you live in or the reporting authority in charge, you can definitely expect that your ignition interlock system will record any attempts on your part to tamper with it.

Countless people have tried this in the past. They hope they can somehow outsmart this machine. Unfortunately for them, this technology has come so far that trying to beat the device is practically impossible. The system has all kinds of sensors that know if you’re up to something too, so any attempts will be reported to the authorities. You can bet that trying to circumvent the machine will give you a much longer sentence or some worse punishment as well.

At its core, an ignition interlock device is actually a fairly simple machine. It is only interested in keeping you from driving drunk and making sure the authorities have a good understanding of how it’s being used.