Why Buy from a Certified Interlock Company?

Whether you have been ordered to install an interlock system in your car or are deciding to do so voluntarily, there’s a lot to consider in terms of the device you pick. Today, there are more interlock devices available than ever before. While it’s nice to have options, this also means you need to take plenty of time making this important decision. One way you may want to narrow your list, though, is simply by only considering those interlock devices made by certified companies. Here’s why.

You May Not Have a Choice

First and foremost, if a court has ordered you to install the device, you have no choice but to go with a certified company. Simply put, no court is going to allow you to install an interlock system that has a high likelihood of either not working correctly or being vulnerable to manipulation.

In fact, you’ll find the situation is just the opposite. Most states actually have areas on their government website that specify which interlock companies they approve of. The question of certified or uncertified goes out the window, then, as you can only pick devices made by these approved manufacturers.

Certified Companies Are Just Better

Now, some of you may be installing interlock devices for other reasons. There are plenty of valid ones. For example, you may have company cars you are providing to your employees and don’t want to worry about them ending up in a drunk driving accident. Many parents also install these devices so that they can rest assured their teenager isn’t getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink.

Whatever the reason, you want to go with a certified manufacturer. The interlock devices they create are just better than their competitors. They have to make their machines to certain specifications or they’ll lose their valuable certification.

As uncertified manufacturers don’t have this kind of pressure on them, they don’t have much to worry about in terms of their devices not working. You could ask for a refund, of course, but you really never want to deal with a situation where your interlock device fails you.

Easier to Install

Most of us can’t handle installing an interlock device on our own. If you have been court-ordered to have on installed, then you actually aren’t allowed to, whether you could or not. You’ll be provided with court-approved installers and will have to see them for this service.

As certified interlock devices are the only ones courts will allow in vehicles as part of sentencing, they are also the most popular version. This means installers are far more familiar with them too. Therefore, you’ll have a much easier time finding someone to install your device if you go with a certified company.

These are just a few reasons why you should only use a certified interlock company for your device. While it may cost you a bit more, this is irrelevant if a court has ordered you to install one. Even if you’re doing so voluntarily, the price tag will prove to be well worth it.